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A to Z Blogging Challenge: Top Ten {Y}oung Adult Books April 29, 2014

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It’s no secret I am not a big fan of the Young Adult genre. I love books, I certainly have more books than shoes but when it comes to YA there are just so many that hit every single one of my buttons. However, there are those that are just make it beyond my barriers… and I fall in love.

1. The Mara Dyer Series. I had heard so many good things about these books that on a whim I decided to give them a try and I am so glad that I did. I find myself engrossed by the story and can’t wait to see what happens next.

2.  The Hunger Games. This is about as Young Adult as I typically get. I just really liked all three books. The characters were put into adult situations but were able to grow and change from them…not whine and carry on like a little kid.

3.  The Madman’s daughter. I really enjoyed this book, perhaps because it was partially about a retelling and mostly a historical fiction piece.

4.  Fangirl. A wonderful modern coming of age story .

5.  Gorgeous. Such a wonderful retelling of Cinderella. It gave me the warm fuzzies when I finished.

6.  My Life as a White Trash Zombie. a fantastic anti-hero and zombies. What is there not to love?

7. The Poison Study Series. I have such a hard time thinking of these books as Young Adult. I absolutely love these books.

8. The Harry Potter Series. Because well, it’s Harry Potter.

And that is about it for me. I have a few more on the list that I plan on reading within the young adult genre. Hopefully they will help this list to grow.

Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. It’s a weekly feature that I enjoy doing here at Strahbary’s Fields. I am pretty happy that I was able to mash it up with the A to Z challenge.


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