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A to Z Blogging Challenge: {Z}oos April 30, 2014

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It’s not secret that I am an animal lover and in being an animal lover, I have a fondness for zoos. When I was in college back east, I talked my friends into skipping class and visiting the local zoo…in the middle of winter.

When the husband and I went to Australia I dragged him to every zoo and rescue center possible. How could I not?


In Costa Rica, we did a lot of wild life viewing but we did get an opportunity to look at a sanctuary.

monkey Parrott

In fact, my husband and guide were talking one day and my husband lamented that he only got to practice his photography at zoos. The guide said “I’ve never been to a zoo. I would like to go one day.”

The husband responded: Dude, you live in a zoo!

When at home I often like to visit the San Diego Zoo. I have actually met the director of the reptile exhibits and found him to be very knowledgeable and all about the animals.

Orangatang Ratler

On a serious note, when it comes to zoos and sanctuaries I am picky. For zoos they have to be research and protection driven. When it comes to sanctuaries they have to primarily be protection driven for me, research is secondary. Likewise, the health and well being of the animals in their care must always be priority number 1. A zoo can be a great resource for education and wildlife.

Photo credit for all of these photos goes to my husband, R. Tierney. Isn’t he a great photographer?


And with that I have accomplished my A to Z Challenge. I will be taking a few days off to rest and will be back up and running soon!


4 Responses to “A to Z Blogging Challenge: {Z}oos”

  1. Great photos! I especially love the one of the parrot and the donkey made me smile.
    I love going to the zoo. We have a smallish one not far from where I live and I am hoping to visit it this summer.

    • Lol that’s actually a Kangaroo. Is the zoo the Utica Zoo?

      • No it’s the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse (formerly the Burnett Park Zoo).
        Obviously I didn’t look close enough at the kangaroo photo! All I saw was the wicked cute face 🙂

      • The middle of the winter zom I talked about was in Utica. I have to say that kangaroo pic is one of my favorites from that trip. We fell in love with kangaroos while we were there. They are like a cross between a bunny and a dog

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