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Surfcity Street Fair May 27, 2014

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Last week my sister and I spent the evening at the Huntington Beach Street Fair and Farmer’s Market. The market is more of a street fair than a traditional farmer’s market but it’s still a fun way to spend the evening.


Though, we did find some strawberries that we simply couldn’t resist.



Walking down main street your entertained by street performers, enticed by the restaurants (Taco Tuesdays are a gift to modern civilization) and tempted by vendors like Dolce Monachelli’s. Seriously, how can a girl pass up Italian Butter Rum Cakes that look like this??


Street fairs like this are also great locations to pick up interesting accessories and art. My sister and I couldn’t resist these beachie accessories:


This is one of those instances where the sister differences kick in. She, like most people, has hair thinner than mine so this adorable star fish clip worked perfectly for me. I have given up on clips all together. So I opted for a decorative head band with seashells.



And after all that fun we were able to make it back home in time to binge watch Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown while enjoying tea and cake.





Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Would Like To See on Television May 26, 2014

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With the season ending and so many of my favorite shows saying goodbye forever (Ie: How I Met Your Mother and Being Human) I thought I would use this Top Ten Freebie topic to explore my television series wishlist. So assuming that the series stays true to the story and I approve of the casting these are the shows that I would like to see made:

1. Daughter of Smoke and Bone. Ok, I have officially joined this fandom. I have read two and half of the books in the series within 2 week time span and am already halfway through book 3. This would make such a great television series. I already picture Sam Witwer as Akiva in my fantasy casting. Stay tuned, I will have more on my thoughts on this series later this week.

2.  Mercy Thompson Vampires, Werewolves and a kick ass heroine. So many wonderful casting options for this and so many juicy adventures that you could certainly make a great run of it.

3.  River of No Return. Just based on the first book there are so many adventures and so much that can be done with a television show with just this book.

4.  Parasol Protectorate. Seriously why isn’t this a television show yet? Victorian espionage in conjunction to Vampires and Werewolves would make an awesome television series. I still see Gerard Butler or my personal favorite, Henry Cavil, as Lord Maccon.

5.  1,001 Arabian Nights. This is the time for Hollywood to cash in on the fairytale retelling trend. So envision this with me, if you will, you have the main story of Shahrazad trying not to get her head cut off by the king by telling stories within the show, which of course would be great opportunities for some guest stars. And there are 1,001 stories and a thick main plot for audiences to sink their teeth into, it would give you at least 4 seasons.

6.  Thursday Next Series. This would make a fun tongue in cheek crime drama that I would actually watch and speaking of crime dramas…

7. The Chet and Bernie Mysteries. The books are told from the perspective of the dog, it would be fun to have a show narrated and told from the perspective of the dog. I don’t know how they would do it but at least the dog wouldn’t get killed in the first ten minutes.

8.  Neverwhere. Even though there is only one book unlike the others on this list, there is enough content for there to be a great television series off of the one show.

9.  The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club. The story of a woman having to start over in a sleepy little seaside village and finding success and renewed life through knitting. It would be a fun positive little show for lifetime or the Hallmark channel.

10.  Broken Heart. The premise of the books are like something made for the syfy channel. About a dozen people are attacked by a rabid disease infested Vampire and are then turned into Vampires as well, the town is then turned into a safe haven new community for vampires, werewolves and other supernatural creatures. Based in a lot of mythology with a fun twist these books would be so much fun on the screen. Likewise, it should be noted these books put 50 shades of grey to shame….yet one more reason why this would be great for Syfy.

Ok Hollywood, feel free to call anytime, I am free to write for the above shows….

So what books would you like to see be turned into a television series?

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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Friendships May 20, 2014

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A strong friendship will shine through the darkest of times. That’s why for this week’s topic I couldn’t just focus on books about friendship. I had to use some of my favorite friendships along with some of the books that have friendship as it’s main focus….because let’s face it some friendships deserve books all their own.

1. Rosetta and Will in I Shall Be Near to You. I absolutely loved their friendship. A tender and understanding friendship Will and Rosetta were able to rely on eachother to keep their secrets and find some solace in a rough world. Will accepted Rosetta in a way that her husband couldn’t always do and Rosetta accepted Will for just what he was.

2. Cath and Reagan Fangirl. Cath helped to mellow out Reagan’s rough edges while Reagan helped pull Cath out her shell. They were two completely different people but their personalities really complimented eachother.

3.  Alexia and Ivy Parasol Protectorate Series Because every girl needs a loyal, slightly silly friend like Ivy in their life.

4. Every Character in The Beautiful Ruins. The book itself is not about friendship, however I can’t say that one friendship or relationship is better than another. It’s a beautiful book with some absolutely characters.

5.  Just about every character’s relationship with Liesel in The Book Thief. Liesel is easily the character that drives the story forward but she, the sweet little girl that she is, has wonderful friendships with her adoptive parents and all of the people around her, including the woman of the house where she likes to steal books from.

6. All of the characters within The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society The people of the Island of Guernsey are a group of friends that I would just love to be a part of. They clung together to survive the German occupation.

7.   Ocean at the End of the Lane. The friendship is central to the book’s plot, so if I talk at all about the friendship it will ruin the plot…so go read the book!

8.  Scout, Jem and Dill from To Kill a Mockingbird The three of them have the iconic childhood friendship.

9.  Iris and Clara from Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister This retelling done in a way that only Gregory Maguire (Author Of Wicked) can tell, is a great example of a friendship built between two stepsisters.

10. Nick and Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. Nick is a loyal friend to Gatsby all the way to the end.

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A Trip to Downtown Santa Ana Farmer’s Market May 18, 2014

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A few days ago I made my way over to the Downtown Santa Ana Farmer’s Market.


One of the best things about summer time at farmer’s markets is all of the fresh fruit that comes into season.


My fridge is currently full of these peaches, plouts (a plum like fruit) and strawberries that I have been happily munching on.

One of the new flavors that I noticed is Blueberry Lime. The lime really enhances the blueberry flavor. I had the combo in a balsamic vinegar and with a homemade popsicle which was perfect for beating the heat. I love the flavor combo so much that I came home and made blueberry lime iced tea.



WIP Wednesday May 14, 2014

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I have been working pretty steadily on using up my yarn stash and for the most part it has been going well. I feel like I am actually using up yarn.

These potholders holders are perfect for plates that are too hot to hold and for that  last bit of yarn that there isn’t quite enough of for a larger project.



In digging through my yarn I am finding pretty yarns that I never used up. Some are helping me find new inspiration. Others, though, are reminding me why I put them aside in the first place.


This is such a pretty yarn. I love the color and the overall look. I made some friends shawls with various colors of this ages ago.  I tried knitting up just a simple scarf with this and it was horrible. It proves that not all yarns are easy to work with. It kept getting caught up with itself no matter what size needle I used. So I put it back…yet again. I am thinking I am going to use it as embellishment for some gift wrap.

I’ve moved on to a new project though that finally feels like it is coming along. IMG_0728

It’s an adorable toddler hat I found in one of my new books. Over all it’s been a frustrating knitting week because I just can’t seem to finish anything. I hate when that happens…


Oranges and Kumquats…Well Mostly Kumquats May 9, 2014

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Earlier this week I got a call from my friend Sarah also known as my Organic Produce Pusher leading me down a road of debauchery and mayhem wholesome goodness, with a great deal on oranges and kumquats.

Kumquats are a fruit I am not all that used to. You actually eat the whole thing, peel and all, which is just weird to me. The peel is the sweet part while the inside is quite tart. Fresh and on their own I can’t say that I am very fond of them.


Initially I was planning on making marmalade but making marmalade is akin to watching a toddler. Just like a toddler, if you turn your back for two minutes there will be an explosion of epic proportions….case in point: I am still finding marmalade bits on my ceiling a year after making my last batch.

So it’s time to experiment! As it stands I have found one recipe for Kumquat Chutney on pinterest (a.k.a. recipe/craft mecca).


I served it with pork chops and I have to say it was quite good. It had a really nice sweet and savory flavor to it.

As far as the oranges are concerned I plan on making Orange and Cumin Chutney this weekend.  I think chutney is my new favorite recipe of the season. Better and more flavorful than relish it’s the perfect compliment to summer dishes.


Book Review: Unaccustomed Earth May 7, 2014

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Unaccustomed earth

An Unaccustomed Earth is a collection of short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri. Each story is connected through a shared culture and the hardships of family. From the young families trying to find their identity within a new culture to the people just struggling to find out who they are within their families.

My thoughts:

Let me just say I am a very big fan of Jhumpa’s work. The Interpreter of Maladies is one of my all time favorite books. This book however, fell flat. Perhaps because it is another short story collection, it caused me to compare it with it’s predecessor or if it was just that there were a number of characters in these stories that I just flat out didn’t like.

There were several stories that I did like, such as the title short story “Unaccustomed Earth” about a father and daughter navigating their new roles in each others lives. Her writing is just as beautiful as it has been in previous works.

What I didn’t like. There were a number of characters that were just unrelatable and very unlikeable. Likewise there were stories that where the central conflicts felt forced or they just felt flat. Sometimes I just wanted to shake the book and yell “Why are you mad about this?”

Unfortunately the book felt much like a combination of stories that just weren’t good enough to make it into Interpreter of Maladies.