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A to Z Blogging Challenge Debrief May 6, 2014

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Wow, I can’t believe that April is already over and that I managed to complete my first A to Z challenge. It was such an enjoyable, rewarding experience.

What I gained:

Well some lovely new followers which is always very cool. I have also started following a number of other blogs. It’s been a great experience finding more blogs of various interesting topics.

I feel like I have become a more organized blogger. No longer posting as many random posts that are based on a whim. I am actually planning my blog much further out….though spontaneity is the spice of life.


For the future:

Well I will continue to expand my blogging network, perhaps not at the break neck pace that I did in April but it will continue to grow.

So stay tuned coming up in the next month or so there will be more Meatless Monday posts, book reviews, recipes (I actually told my husband I wanted him to go fishing) travel features and more. So thank you so much for those that have joined me over the last month and for those of you that continue to come back and read this little old blog of mine.

It’s been a good challenge and I can’t wait to write more!



survivor-atoz [2014]


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