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Oranges and Kumquats…Well Mostly Kumquats May 9, 2014

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Earlier this week I got a call from my friend Sarah also known as my Organic Produce Pusher leading me down a road of debauchery and mayhem wholesome goodness, with a great deal on oranges and kumquats.

Kumquats are a fruit I am not all that used to. You actually eat the whole thing, peel and all, which is just weird to me. The peel is the sweet part while the inside is quite tart. Fresh and on their own I can’t say that I am very fond of them.


Initially I was planning on making marmalade but making marmalade is akin to watching a toddler. Just like a toddler, if you turn your back for two minutes there will be an explosion of epic proportions….case in point: I am still finding marmalade bits on my ceiling a year after making my last batch.

So it’s time to experiment! As it stands I have found one recipe for Kumquat Chutney on pinterest (a.k.a. recipe/craft mecca).


I served it with pork chops and I have to say it was quite good. It had a really nice sweet and savory flavor to it.

As far as the oranges are concerned I plan on making Orange and Cumin Chutney this weekend.  I think chutney is my new favorite recipe of the season. Better and more flavorful than relish it’s the perfect compliment to summer dishes.


2 Responses to “Oranges and Kumquats…Well Mostly Kumquats”

  1. I couldn’t help but smile after reading the part about the marmalade being stuck to the ceiling for a year. Hehe! Nice post and I like making jams, etc. Never tried kumquats though. Passing by on the AtoZ road trip Michelle @

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