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Surfcity Street Fair May 27, 2014

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Last week my sister and I spent the evening at the Huntington Beach Street Fair and Farmer’s Market. The market is more of a street fair than a traditional farmer’s market but it’s still a fun way to spend the evening.


Though, we did find some strawberries that we simply couldn’t resist.



Walking down main street your entertained by street performers, enticed by the restaurants (Taco Tuesdays are a gift to modern civilization) and tempted by vendors like Dolce Monachelli’s. Seriously, how can a girl pass up Italian Butter Rum Cakes that look like this??


Street fairs like this are also great locations to pick up interesting accessories and art. My sister and I couldn’t resist these beachie accessories:


This is one of those instances where the sister differences kick in. She, like most people, has hair thinner than mine so this adorable star fish clip worked perfectly for me. I have given up on clips all together. So I opted for a decorative head band with seashells.



And after all that fun we were able to make it back home in time to binge watch Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown while enjoying tea and cake.





5 Responses to “Surfcity Street Fair”

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I know I couldn’t pass up fresh strawberries or Italian Butter Rum cakes.

  2. I picked up a BIG one of those butter rum cakes at the last farmers market I visited, and it was still gone much too quickly. Love these OC farmers market posts you’ve got going on — I might stop by the one in Santa Ana tonight after work.

    • I tell ya, those cakes are my krptonite. I have one in my freezer at the moment in case of emergency. You should go tonight! I heard they picked up some new vendors since I was last there. And thank you! I love farmers markets and we are so lucky to have so many in Orange county. There will for sure be more to come

  3. Sounds like you had fun. Oh, we have lots of those sea-inspired accessories and souvenirs here, too 🙂

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