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WIP Wednesday May 14, 2014

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I have been working pretty steadily on using up my yarn stash and for the most part it has been going well. I feel like I am actually using up yarn.

These potholders holders are perfect for plates that are too hot to hold and for that  last bit of yarn that there isn’t quite enough of for a larger project.



In digging through my yarn I am finding pretty yarns that I never used up. Some are helping me find new inspiration. Others, though, are reminding me why I put them aside in the first place.


This is such a pretty yarn. I love the color and the overall look. I made some friends shawls with various colors of this ages ago.  I tried knitting up just a simple scarf with this and it was horrible. It proves that not all yarns are easy to work with. It kept getting caught up with itself no matter what size needle I used. So I put it back…yet again. I am thinking I am going to use it as embellishment for some gift wrap.

I’ve moved on to a new project though that finally feels like it is coming along. IMG_0728

It’s an adorable toddler hat I found in one of my new books. Over all it’s been a frustrating knitting week because I just can’t seem to finish anything. I hate when that happens…


Crafting with Friends February 23, 2014

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Crafting on your own is quite often enjoyable but when with a group of friends has the ability to make it even more enjoyable. Whether it’s the same project or different projects it’s nice to have the support of friends as well as a good distraction when necessary. This afternoon the husband and I went over to a friends place to work on projects.

I of course worked on my knitting, now that I don’t have any baby crafts (I had a lot of pregnant friends this year) it’s time for me to actually get some projects off my to-knit list.

One day, this year I will actually finish my 7th doctor sweater. I am almost to the V-neck of the sweater.

Doctor Sweater 2.23.14
It always seems to be the case that just as I get to the finishing point of one project, I have to start the next. The next project on the list is a smaller version of the traditional Doctor Who Scarf that I can use as an everyday scarf. Because a 9 foot scarf is just too long for everyday use.

Doctor scarf 2.23.14

It’s a good thing that I started working on it before I finished the sweater because as I was working it I discovered that I am missing some colors needed. So the initial start will be slightly off but the effect will be there. Not too bad for a few hours work if I do say so myself.

We’ll have to set up another get together for a group crafting session.



Diana’s Craft Corner Goes to Oz to have Tea February 9, 2014

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I recently took a break from my regular knitting adventures to help put together a close friend’s Wizard of Oz themed baby shower.

My main contribution  to theme were these centerpieces:

Michele's Centerpieces

The Dorothy style baskets are filled with red flowers and personalized lollipops (think the lollipop guild and a basket full of poppies). The inside is just styrofoam to hold everything in place.

The personalized lollipops were the favors for everyone. I really find that in planning a party like this a little bit of a personalized touch adds that little extra something.

. Michele's favors

And of course Tea!


How can you turn down a cup of tea in a gorgeous tea cup like this? I personally love a good tea house. The extra special tea, the fine china and delicious little tea sandwiches.

our settings

Isn’t that just darling? I wish I had a use for napkin rings in my house….

And of course, the little Dorothy to be needs her own Toto.



It’s My 111th Post! January 27, 2014

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Well it’s my 111th post and like Bilbo Baggins, I will be giving out a present…but more on that later.

I have been keeping busy with my knitting. I put writing the book on hold between the husband just getting home, some party planning and other shenanigans I just couldn’t do it. Writing a book takes a lot more work than a blog. I also discovered I need to take a class on sock knitting, which I discovered is something I actually can’t do.

So within craft corner I am getting back to work on some items that were put on hold.  Like my 7th Doctor sweater that has yet to be finished. With Gallifrey One only weeks away, I am back to working on it. I won’t finish it in time but maybe I can debut it for Wondercon or some other convention.

I also discovered a great charity I could really get behind. It’s the Mother Bear Project. They send bears to children in Africa devastated by the Aids epidemic. Kids in general can handle a lot, but
everyone, at some time or another needs something to hug. I can’t think of a better way to use up some of my yarn.

Anyway, on to my giveaway. So in honor of my 111th   the first person to answer this trivia question correctly will get this lovely hand knit scarf that I made.


The Question: Bilbo shared his birthday with another hobbit. Who was it?

Put your answer in the comments and good luck!


Doctor Who Craft Projects May 19, 2013

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It would appear that the doctor has invaded my craft corner, well at least Doctor inspired crafts. I’ve started work on my 7th Doctor Jumper. I’m using a combination of a pattern from Nerdy Knits and fair island style graph that I found online. Where the 4th Doctor’s scarf was challenging in setting up, making sure I had the right colors and length, this is going to be a true challenge in skill. It’s the most intricate design I have ever knitted. Though so far it has come out pretty well if I do say so myself.

Seventh Doctor jumper

The next project in the queue is the 5th Doctors jumper, for Amanda’s cosplay at Galifrey One next year. This one looks to be much simpler than the 7th’s. I can do cables in my sleep but that neck is going to be tricky. Though I say that now, it may be easier once I get into it. The original jumper is long sleeved. For Amanda’s I am making the executive decision to make it sleeveless. She can thank me later when it’s hot in the dealer’s room.

5th Doctor

I’m starting early on these this way I have plenty of time to get them together for next year’s convention. I love the female Doctor Cosplay, however, I think it needs to be done with care otherwise it just looks like sloppy cross dressing. And frankly, if you’re going to cross dress, go all the way. Don’t do it half assed.


A Visit to Diana’s Craft Corner April 5, 2013

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It’s time for a peak into Diana’s craft corner. This is where we look at some of the crafty little creations I have been cooking up. I am so happy to show off my Jayne’s Hat tea cozy. I developed the pattern for the tea cozy on my own. Hopefully, this will become one of the regular items that I will feature on my etsy shop that I plan on opening….someday.

Jaynes hat tea cozy

 I am still working on my Amy replica scarf. It’s taking much longer than I expected to knit it. The Dr. Who costuming people really like their long scarves. On the plus side I got the yarn I need to get started on my 7th Doctor sweater vest. I’m hoping to get started on it rather soon, this way I will be ready to cosplay as 7th doctor.

It’s been a perfect week to get my knitting done. I have been hooked on the show Lost Girl (fantastic show, I highly recommend it), when tension gets tight I have a tendency to yell at the tv and knit faster. And for the record, each character has been yelled at in turn so far.

diana craft corner


The 4th Doctor’s Scarf February 22, 2013

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The Scarf

After going to Gallifrey one, it is clear to see that the Scarf used by the fourth doctor is clearly the most popular of the doctor cosplay outfits. For just as many people wearing a Tardis outfit, there were another two people with the 4th Doctor scarf. As I mentioned before, and I REALLY don’t mean this to toot my own horn, my scarf was one of the better ones. So I thought I would spend some time sharing a few tips for those that are interested in making the scarf.

I used 100% wool. It was a little more expensive however, Angel, whom I made the scarf for and I agreed that this was the best way to get the colors and look right. These two websites and were the sites that I used to help me create the scarf. The first was best for the colors and a general how to. The second was able to give me the right blocking for the colors. They also had some great tips in the creating of the scarf.

One of the things that annoyed me was the use of bright colors, the scarf is in muted earth tones. There were some that had earth tones and then bright yellow colors, it drew much attention to the yellow and really detracted from the overall look of the scarf.

The size of the needle I used were US 10/6.0 mm with the wool this gave the right gauge. Also on that note, this scarf is garter stitched! Do not purl under any circumstances. I saw one that was purled and though the knitting was done well, it just didn’t look right. I love a good stocknitte stitch however, this most certainly a garter stitch and will not look right if done any other way.

Another major point in making the scarf, be conscious of your blocks. This scarf takes a lot of yarn overall, if you are coming up to a large block of color don’t be cheap, go ahead and start using another skein. Having lots of little knots all over the scarf will make it look messy.

This was a three month project for me. That included knitting literally all day on some weekends, for at least 2 to 3 hours in the evenings and on my lunch breaks from work. I come home, for lunch so often I would eat and then spend the rest of my lunch hour knitting it. And I didn’t even knit the full 12 feet. I only did 9, given that it’s wool, it will stretch over time and in the shaping process.

Shaping is very important. Take the time to wash and shape it. I shaped it literally by hanging it over my shower doors. Word to the wise: put down lots of towels! That beast can soak up a hell of a lot of water.
I am very proud of the scarf. I plan on making a shorter more user friendly version of the scarf for myself. I would be willing to do custom orders for others, however, it will take me 3 months and cost $200 per scarf to make.
So what’s next in my knitting queue? Well I am working on some Jayne’s hat inspired tea cozies, a replica Amy Pond scarf and a knitted dog for my husband. I want to give it a month or so before I tackle the Epic Doctor Who Scarf again in any shape or form.