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Tea for Fangirls June 8, 2014

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You know when a friend keeps talking about something so much that you have to say fine and try it for yourself? This has recently occurred with me and Adagio Tea. My friend, Lisa, kept posting these reviews of this tea with the most interesting blends. Finally after what felt like her millionth post I decided to see what all the fuss was about….needless to say, I am glad that I did.

What initially caught my eye were their fandom tea blends.  They have a blend of tea for every fandom under the sun. The two that I picked were “Loki’d” and “Bad Wolf”

Adagio Tea

Bad Wolf is this delicious blend of rose hips, apple bits and hibiscus, amongst other goodies. It has this great fruit flavor to it that makes this tea perfect for after dinner. I have plans on making this an iced tea soon.

Bad Wolf Blend

Then there is the Loki’d tea. I personally swoon for all things Loki in general but this tea is absolutely delicious! It’s this blend of chocolate and mint that is perfect for any time of day or night (just like Loki, if I do say so myself). This has become my go to tea for accompanying deserts.


(The Loki tea paired with a butter rum cake)

So it’s not like you can top tea blends based on Doctor Who, the Marvel Universe or even Firefly but you can if you make your own blend. They give you the option to make your own blends! In the spirit of this I have made my first blend called Strahbary’s Fields, which is available for everyone to purchase. It’s a blend of strawberries (of course), a mix of forest berry and summer rose.

So come join my obsession and pick up some tea or show your creative side and make one of your own blends.


May the 4th be with you May 3, 2014

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Star Wars


As many of you know tomorrow is May the 4th, or Star Wars Day.  Here are some ideas for celebrating the greatest science fiction movies ever made”

1. Fanboys


The movie for fans, about fans, of the Star Wars films. I love it, not just because I can completely relate to Zoe but because it accurately captures the lives of a geeky group of college kids.


2. Star Wars Clone Wars is now on Netflix. What better way to spend your morning than to eat cereal and watch cartoons?

3. Star Wars Revisited. Many of  us will be watching the actual movies but these guys are doing something special. They are restoring Star Wars back to it’s original state. You know, back when Han shot first…

4. I know I will plan on some gaming time. In particular Star Wars Unleashed.


5. In the evening the husband and I are talking about going to Disneyland and doing the Star Tours hat trick. What is that you ask? Well on the Star Tours ride you have the opportunity to get a different Star Wars themed 3D experience. (4 different possible Star Wars combos) The hat trick is where you try to get all 4 combos in one day.

How are you planning on celebrating May the 4th?


Recap of Gallifrey One 2014 February 16, 2014

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As I sit here sipping my tea looking over my pictures from the weekend I can’t help but think of how great of a weekend it truly was.

Yup, that’s my name in the top center column! It was the first of my two panels (my second one was on crafting).  Being on the panel was a fun experience. I think I may do it again next year.



So as I mentioned I was planning on doing some cosplaying. Here is my Captain Jackie Harkness:


I am really proud of how it turned out. I think I was a unique Jack.

Of course I wasn’t the only one cosplaying this weekend. Here are some photos of some other great cosplayers from this weekend:


Because of course Mary Poppins is a Time Lady!


Jackie and the Doctor


The Doctor and his Daughter (my friends Angel and Becky)


My friend (and Author) Robin Burks as Rose

Of course you never know who you will run into in the dealer room:


Yes that is THE Chris Hardwick, my favorite Nerdist Podcast Host. I also got to meet Chloe in person and let me just say she is just as nice and adorable in person as I thought she would be.

In between shopping, plays, interviews and panels I got to meet some pretty awesome people that have had a hand in making Doctor Who the awesome show that it is today. Gallifrey One had a special brunch where I got to have eat with members from the original show. How could I turn that down brunch AND Doctor Who, two of my favorite things all rolled into one delicious event.  Here are a few pictures of some of the people I got to have brunch with:


This is Frazer Hines, better know as Jaimie from the highlands during the Patrick Troughton years (the Second Doctor).



The lovely Deborah Watling, also known as Victoria another companion of the Second Doctor.

In addition to getting to meet Deborah and Frazer, I got to meet Colin Baker (the 6th Doctor), Matthew Waterhouse (Adric), and Terrance Dicks (sp?), a script editor for the show.

Here are a few other pictures from my adventures this weekend:

IMG_0527 IMG_0528 IMG_0532 IMG_0555 IMG_0554 IMG_0542

All in all it was a great weekend. Needless to say I am exhausted. So if you will excuse me, I am going to go get some more hot water for my tea and cuddle with one of my pups.


Geeking Out over the Olympics February 5, 2014

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Every two years when the Olympics rolls around I completely geek out. The husband and I watch every sport: Hockey, bobsled, the luge….even curling just to name a few.

The festivities for the Olympics start off with a potluck where each guest picks a country to represent as we watch the opening ceremonies. I for one will be preparing a few Russian dishes. I just read “Mastering the art of Soviet Cooking” (expect a review in the coming weeks) and have had my heart set on making Kulebiaka. I have never had it before, never seen it but for the love of god the author made the dish sound like it was the best thing in the world. I must have it now.

So what sports in particular am I looking forward to? Well hockey for one. We have  a great team lined up. Zach Parise, our captain, is a great hockey player. Even though his team recently beat my Ducks, I think I can set that aside for a US gold metal. And then we have Ryan Miller, who I am hoping and praying comes to the Ducks as our goal tender. So very exciting!

Snowboarding has come a long way. I have been a fan of Shawn White since I met him back in the day when he came to Disney’s California Adventure for an expo on skateboarding.  I am a little sad to see that he will only be doing the half pipe now but at least it’s the event that he is favored for.

My other most watched sports are the speed skating and a number of skiing events.

Outside of the US Team I am thoroughly excited that Jamaica will be participating in the two man bobsled.  I love the team not just for the fact that it was a great move but come one, Jamaica has a bobsled team. Pulling themselves together to get a bobsled team together from a tropical island is one of the ultimate sporting stories.

Of course, you can’t talk about the Sochi Olympics without touching on the controversy. When it comes to the LGBT issues, I at first wanted to boycott. But then I thought about it, our athletes have worked so hard to get to this point, no matter what their orientation. I want to be there to support them. Likewise, everyone is equal on the sporting field…I want to see America kick some serious ass!


Cosplaying 101 January 19, 2014

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Cosplaying is the art dressing up like a character in a beloved fandom. Over the last few years it’s gained quite a bit in popularity. It’s so popular that it’s spawned a network reality show.

Why Cosplay? There is just something fun and in a way therapeutic to be able to just put on a different persona for a day.

Getting started doesn’t necessarily have to be hard, expensive or 100% hand made. I am a horrible sewer. Put me in front of a sewing maching and my inner gremlin appears. Case in point, when the husband and I first started going to ren fairs I thought i needed to make everything. The bodice was way beyond my capabilities; however, I made his kilt….minus the pleats. In my defense, I’m an Italian girl. I knew very little about Celitc culture. In my head I honestly thought “men don’t wear pleats.” My poor husband however, was labeled Gopher the pleatless. He had to come with some story as to why his kilt had no pleats.

Thankfully I have since learned my lesson and just bought the husband a good kilt. When it comes to getting a cosplay outfit together, you don’t necessarily need to get it all at once. Picking up pieces here and there works as well. For the renaissance fairs, that’s often how it’s done. A bodice here, a skirt there….the used shirt from ebay. And, if you are going to make something do your research.


I have to admit that last year I got a bit tired of the renaissance scene. I was fairly bored with my outfit and with the husband being overseas it just lost its magic…then came Gallifrey One last year.

This was my first non-renaissance fair cosplaying venture. I liked all the Tardis outfits that were out there but I wanted to do something different, so I went for an Avante Guard Tardis outfit. It was adorable, I enjoyed it, my friends enjoyed it but I was lost in a sea of girls dressed up like the Tardis. Lesson learned: Be aware of the trendy stuff. Seriously, my outfit had all these great little subtle details but there were so many Tardis’ out there that I was just another girl in a blue dress. I’ll admit it, I wanted my work noticed and it just didn’t happen.

Clara Tardis 1

(Me as “Clara”)                                         (The Doomed Tardis outfit)

What did happen thought was this. On Sunday I just said screw it, and put together a cute outfit (that I personally thought looked a lot like something Martha Jones would wear). Within minutes of walking into the Marriot I was asked “Hey so are you Donna?” My response: Sure! About an hour or two later “Excuse me Clara can I take your picture?” The lesson learned: you don’t necessarily have to put too much thought into something. Have fun with it. Go with the flow. If you woke up in the morning and thought hey this could be Martha outfit but by the end of the day you are being called Clara. Just go with it. The point is to have fun.

So learn from me:

  1. Don’t worry about buying everything at once, feel free to pace it out, build as you go.
  2. Do your research.
  3. Be aware of the trends, especially if you want to be a bit different.
  4. Use your imagination.
  5. Have fun!

How to Live with Someone of Another Fandom January 6, 2014

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Not everyone enjoys the same fandom.  It’s understandable; some people just prefer the world of Star Wars to Star Trek. But what do you do when someone not in your fandom lives with you?

The husband and I have a mutual love of Star Wars, Firefly and Stargate.  However, there are a few fandoms we don’t quite see eye to eye on.  Often having two televisions is helpful. On many a night I would watch Doctor Who in the bedroom while he watched something else in the living room. Until finally one day he proclaimed that he was going to start watching Doctor Who on his own without me around because as he said it “The Doctor stole my wife, I have to get her back.” To get him to the point where he could say that he likes Doctor Who meant that he had to watch it several thousand miles away from me (quite literally, he started watching it in Afghanistan) so that I couldn’t interfere with his viewing.

Fast forward to Dinner this evening. While chatting over a shared plate of Pad Thai the subject of Outlander came up. I have been in major Outlander fan girl mode, we are in the process of getting Starz just so that I can watch the show when it finally premieres and am in the midst of reading the 4th book. So when it comes to discussing nerdy things this is number 2 on the list (because let’s face it, there is not a day that goes by where the topic of Doctor Who doesn’t come out of my mouth).

The long short of it is that he is not so very fond of the premise of the book. So our conversation didn’t really go so well, it was me defending the books and him criticizing them. Needless to say, I made sure to hit every bump on the way home and when that didn’t faze him too much I turned on the country music.

After we had a good laugh I started to wonder. How do people with different fandom interests learn to live together?

It’s not like he and I have always shared the same geeky interests he is way more into kung fu movies and World of WarCraft than I am. I do have to admit that I have not always been the most understanding of spouses when it comes World of Warcraft.

Not all of us have two televisions but in today’s day in age we have enough electronics to be able to have one person on the computer doing their thing another on the television. Or sometimes it’s just learning to tolerate and appreciate something about our significant others fandoms. Because like their quirks their fandoms are a part of who they are.


Goodbye 2013….Hello 2014! January 1, 2014

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Happy new year


Believe it or not, it’s already 2014. I have to say that 2013 was pretty good, I’m a little sad to see it go but am looking forward to the new chapter getting started. Besides getting this blog started here are a few things I was able to do last year:

What I accomplished:

I did a lot of knitting, most of which were presents. Baby showers birthdays and the like.

I found my way into a few new hobbies, because of course what I need is a few more things to occupy my time. However, I have found quite a bit of fun in food swapping and an excuse to can more things.

Book wise, I managed to reach my secondary goal of reading 65 books, though fell slightly short of my original goal of 75 books (73 in total)

In addition to that, I had plenty of adventures from traveling to Costa Rica and picking up a new furry family member.

What I am going to do in 2014:

More Camping! The husband is back so I am looking forward to some camping excursions. There are still a few places on my to-camp list that I need to visit as well as knocking off a few more trails at Yosemite.

For the blog I want to post more on food. I am always in the kitchen cooking something up and it’s about time I share some of my recipes.

I will finally finish my 7th Doctor scarf. Not sure if it is going to happen in time for Gallifrey one this year, I got too distracted over the course of last year. I also just agreed to ghost write some knitting books that will be taking up most of my time over the next 5 weeks. (Yay! First “grown up” writing gig!)

This year’s book challenge is only 50 books. I have plans to read some much longer books this year. (ie another Game of Thrones and another Outlander or two)

And even more adventures!

Well 2014 isn’t going to make itself awesome all on its own, time to get off my couch and do something.

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes…you’re Doing Something” – Neil Gaiman