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Spring Gardening March 23, 2014

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Now that we know that we will be staying put at least through the summer I gave in to my gardening itch and began to rebuild my little garden. It’s not lofty or exceedingly ambitious. Just some basic staples to get me through my farming fix.


In this photo we have golden and regular zucchini growing. Most people grow zucchini for the vegetable…I grow it for the flowers. They are excellent sauteed with garlic and olive oil.


My own little Alice in Wonderland/Doctor Who mash up guarding my chamomile and daffodil flower bed.


My little turtle here is surveying my 3 heirloom tomatoes and basil plant. I love heirloom vegetable, tomatoes, they taste better and are far different from what you find at the grocery stores. Which makes growing the vegetables all the more fun.


My little fairy garden shaded by my artichoke plants and surrounded by swiss chard which at present seems to be the king of the garden bed.


What Italian garden is complete without at least one fennel plant?


My sapling fig tree. One day I will have gorgeous figs…


And how can I garden without my little helpers?