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Ceviche June 22, 2014

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When it comes to ceviche every country does it a little differently, however, the one constant is  fish is the star.  That being said a good fish should be used and every ingredient that is put into the dish is to compliment the fish. My ceviche, having a strong baja influence, is simple but delicious. Ingredients: A good firm white fish like tilapia or Sheep’s head (which is what is pictured), about 3 to 4 filets finely diced. 3 to 4 lemons, juiced 2 to 3 limes juiced 1 orange juiced 1 bunch of cilantro chopped 1 onion chopped 2 serrano peppers finely chopped Optional: 1 package tostados Mayonnaise Taptatio (optional: you can skip the hot sauce if you want to or substitute a different hot sauce, but really tapatio is the best)   In a glass or plastic bowl (it’s imperative that you DO NOT use any metal at all when making this) combine fish, onions, cilantro and peppers. Cover the mixture with just enough citrus juice so that it’s covered but not soupy. It should look like this: IMG_0832 Cover with plastic wrap and let it cook in the citric acid for a minimum of 5 hours. You can go in and stir it every few hours but it’s best to leave it alone. It’s finished when the fish is a nice white opaque color. I know a number of people like to just dig in with just tortilla chips, but the way we eat ceviche in my house is by spreading mayo on a tostada and then putting our ceviche on top of that. We then season to taste with tapatio. So it looks something like this: Ceviche

As you can see from the picture below, the husband caught a LOT of fish on his latest ocean fishing outing. So over the next week I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes along with some more fish cooking tips. 20140614_140133


Southern Style Catfish June 14, 2014

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Last weekend the husband went out on an all night fishing trip bringing home about 9lbs worth of fresh catfish. If you have ever watched River Monsters you’ll know these fish are not pre pretty. They are bottom feeding beasts that make for some good eating.

Frankly the best, and quite possibly the only way in my opinion, to cook catfish is to fry it. When it comes to frying, the batter you use, whether it be wet or dry, is one of the most important things to consider.

For the catfish I used a mix of plain, fine ground, bread crumbs and Cajun seasoning. You can either get the Cajun seasoning pre mixed or put it together yourself.  I also added in some extra red pepper because the husband likes his catfish a little on the spicy side.  Once you have the breadcrumb mixture put together the way you like it set it aside. I like to use vegetable oil for my frying. Get the oil nice and hot. Test a small portion of the fish in the oil. If you touch it down in the oil and it sizzles then it’s ready.  Never put fish in cold or luke warm oil (unless you like soggy fish)


Dredge the catfish in lightly whisked eggs and then in the breadcrumb mixture.  Fry for about five minutes on each side or longer if necessary, until it’s golden brown. Catfish is one of those fish that you can’t really over cook. You want cook it longer than you do other fish otherwise it will have a bit of a muddy flavor to it.


There are a variety of things that you can serve with Catfish but my preferred side dishes are cornbread and greens. I got the cornbread recipe from Teenie Cakes which I found on pinterest. It was amazing. The only deviation I made in the recipe was add more corn and cheese.



The greens were easy to make. I sautéed some bacon ends and then added 4 cloves of garlic, swiss chard, collard greens and dandelion greens.