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Tea for Fangirls June 8, 2014

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You know when a friend keeps talking about something so much that you have to say fine and try it for yourself? This has recently occurred with me and Adagio Tea. My friend, Lisa, kept posting these reviews of this tea with the most interesting blends. Finally after what felt like her millionth post I decided to see what all the fuss was about….needless to say, I am glad that I did.

What initially caught my eye were their fandom tea blends.  They have a blend of tea for every fandom under the sun. The two that I picked were “Loki’d” and “Bad Wolf”

Adagio Tea

Bad Wolf is this delicious blend of rose hips, apple bits and hibiscus, amongst other goodies. It has this great fruit flavor to it that makes this tea perfect for after dinner. I have plans on making this an iced tea soon.

Bad Wolf Blend

Then there is the Loki’d tea. I personally swoon for all things Loki in general but this tea is absolutely delicious! It’s this blend of chocolate and mint that is perfect for any time of day or night (just like Loki, if I do say so myself). This has become my go to tea for accompanying deserts.


(The Loki tea paired with a butter rum cake)

So it’s not like you can top tea blends based on Doctor Who, the Marvel Universe or even Firefly but you can if you make your own blend. They give you the option to make your own blends! In the spirit of this I have made my first blend called Strahbary’s Fields, which is available for everyone to purchase. It’s a blend of strawberries (of course), a mix of forest berry and summer rose.

So come join my obsession and pick up some tea or show your creative side and make one of your own blends.


A to Z Blogging Challenge: {T}ea April 27, 2014

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You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me ~ C.S. Lewis


(Three out of my four favorite teapots)

I simply love a good cup of tea. It’s a hug in a cup, liquid comfort if you will. Whether it’s to help you write (it’s good for the synapses), to comfort you while you read or to wake you up with out the caffeine shock of coffee. Plus you can get some great items to drink it out of:


(A gift from the husband, antique glasses etched with our favorite romantic quote)

When it comes to the type of tea, green and jasmine tea are good for low caffeine choices. Blacks and red for when you want a good morning cup. When I went to the brunch at Gallifrey One, I asked for tea and the waitress brought me chamomile. I felt so yuppy for sending her back to get some other teas but frankly there was no way I could make it through a day at a convention with a tea that would put me to sleep. For flavors (if you are new to the world of tea) I recommend the following:

For breakfast or in the morning: Chai, Breakfast blends or a strong Earl Grey.

Mid Afternoon or just after dinner: Hibiscus or Peppermint something tasty and low in caffeine.

I personally can’t do sushi without a good green tea.

Before bed to help you relax I always like a soothing peppermint or chamomile tea.


Brand wise I always go for the Republic of Tea, Numi Tea and every year I stock up on Trader Joe’s peppermint tea (it only comes out during the holidays). Twinings Tea is my go to for Earl Grey. Needless to say, there is a world of fun flavors out there to explore.



The Ingredients to a Good Weekend February 4, 2013

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You know it’s going to be a good weekend when it begins with tea and books.  On Saturday one of my book clubs (there are 3 I am a member of) met at a lovely new café in Huntington Beach, called Café Caldo. It’s a lovely Steampunk themed café with a great laid back atmosphere.

This weekend was also a weekend for experimentation.  In the kitchen I tried my hand at making scones and Turkish Delight (yeah, that stuff that Edward eats in the Chronicles of Narnia).  The scones were fantastic especially for someone who never made them before. The Turkish delight, however was another story.  It was supposed to set after four hours…it’s been approximately 24hrs and it has yet to set. And perhaps that’s a good thing, from a few curious samplings I don’t think it would have been as delightful as the name would leave you to believe.  One day I may work my way up to making it again but for now I think this is a dish best left to the White Witch.

And what was all this experimenting for? Well today my anti-Superbowl Downton Abbey tea party. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a sucker for british broadcasting and from day one I was in love. I however, have no interest in the Suberbowl (especially the commercials). Yearly I find creative excuses to avoid watching it. This year’s excuse I think was the best by far.  Tea and the Dowager Countess? Way better than any touchdown play, not to mention the Matthew/Mary drama, like I said far more interesting. It’s not that I hate football, there is just not enough blood for me. What can I say? I’m a hockey girl.

So the menu for the tea: the sandwiches included Salmon and cream cheese; cucumber lemon mint, Chicken curry, egg salad and strawberry goat cheese on sweet bread.  Oh and my scones.  Luckily to replace the Turkish Delight fiasco, my friend Jeff brought some amazing brownies made by his partner Jason. Which, may be a requirement for them to bring every time they come over. I don’t know the recipe I just know that involved pineapple and cookie dough in the batter. I now have mixed feeling about the left-overs sitting on my counter.

I have to say it was an absolutely wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Not to rub it in people’s faces but today was a sunny 66. It felt very much like spring.

So I will leave you with my scones recipe. I hardly ever follow a recipe exactly, except when I make Turkish Delight and well we all know what happened with that.

Diana’s Cranberry Vanilla Scones

2 cups of Flower

1/3 cup sugar

1 tsp baking powder

¼ tsp baking soda

½ tsp salt

8 tablespoons butter

½ cup or so of dried cranberries

½ cup of half and half

1 large egg

1tbs vanilla

Mix the dry ingredients together. Put the butter through the big parts of a cheese grater directly into the dry ingredients. Mix together with your fingers.

In a separate bowl lightly whisk egg and half and half. Then stir into the dry ingredients

On a lightly flowered surface pat the dough into an eight inch circle and cut into triangles. Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees.

Interesting historical fact: The scone was created by a chef in Scotland by a chef from England that couldn’t pronounce the name of the castle that the pastry was named after. He said Scawn however it was called Scone.

My book pick this week is: Outlander by Diana Galbaldon. Part romance, part historical fiction, part time travel…a whole lot of enjoyable reading. (it was also what we were discussing  Saturday morning).

Well just like this weekend all good things must come to an end but at least this weekend ended like it began, enjoying friends and tea. Have to say I can’t beat that!